Well Harvey, after driving my car for 5 full days now after the tune I can say it's like driving a new car. I absolutely love it, and I cannot believe you do not have a testimonials section on your website because I can't be the only one with praise. Certainly after your dyno tune though, I will be telling anyone that I know that has a high performance car to see you. Thanks again for all your work and attention to detail, I knew you wouldn't disappoint from everything I had read and I hope I get the upgrade bug again and see you soon for another tune (maybe some Injector Dynamics ID1000s and a 20g).
- Kevin S. June 2010


Over two years after my last tune. My 450hp Subaru daily driver has never had an issue. Pulls just as hard as it did the day we pulled it off the dyno. I've got some more plans in the works and the only person ever to tune it will be Harvey.
- John D. April 2011


Man I can not say enough how happy I am with Harvey's Work! He keeps you informed and delivers top notch work. Looking forward to doing business with him again. Thanks!
- Zack H. August 2012


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