WorkingTheBoostCreep Ltd. uses a Dyno Dynamics AWD load-bearing dynamometer to accurately monitor a wide range of engine data and power output in real time.

We are Colorado's ONLY Cobb Gold Certified ProTUNER and are very happy to offer the Cobb AccessPORT for a variety of verhicles including Subaru WRX, STi, and Legacy; as well as Mitsubishi EVO; Nissan GT-R; BMW 335 series; Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST; Porsche 996, 997, and 991. We also offer a free dyno baseline for new Cobb AP customers! The Cobb AccessPORT is a great way to go from light modifications to ultra high horsepower craziness. I am happy to announce that all customers who buy from me are welcome to let me install their new Accessport on my dyno, I will provide 3 baseline before the installation, and 3 after. The great thing is that this will help everyone in a couple of different ways. First, we can verify that the power gains are what you expected. Second, we can determine how safe the map is for the car. I have seen mixed results from the off the shelf maps. I can only assume that the cars that are not performing as expected have defects or problems and this will help us identify these before pushing the engine hard and damaging parts. Just remember to mention this offer when you buy your AP for Subaru, Porsche, Evo, GT-R, Ford, or BMW.

We tune many different standalone systems including Haltech, Autronic, MoTeC, Hydra, Link, Vi-Pec, FAST, EFI Live, etc. I know reflashing utilities such as the AccesTuner or ECUflash. I also know many different engines and have experience with calibrating 1 to 12 cylinder engines. Also ask about the performance gains you might acheive by recalibrating for E85 fuel!

Tuning is either by the hour or by the map, please call, email, or come by for a quote. Maps for common reflash systems starts at $350 and up. Uncommon systems and setups will need to be charged by the hour after 3.5 hours.

The BoostCreep Ltd. also has HP Tuners hardware and software to reflash a file for your GM, Mopar, or Ford vehicle. To see if your car is one we can work with, please see this website.

Bolt-on Specialists!

We specialize in installing bolt-on upgrades such as fuel injectors and pumps, intakes and exhausts, turbochargers and superchargers. Call for details, we have lots of parts in stock and can special order additional parts in less than a week.

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