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Mike decided he really needed to try this. Putting the turbo under the engine in an attempt to get quicker spoolup and more torque. It actually worked.436 WHP/ 450 WTQ on E85. Injector Dynamics 1000cc, Cosworth Pistons, etc.

Cody wanted me to share what a stage 2 STi can do. I am using the injector dynamics 1000cc offerings with a walbro, grimspeed exhaust manifold, 3 port boost solenoid. 15 percent correction as usual. Stock STis of this vintage put down about 228 WHP

Once again this EVO9 is back for further tuneage. It now runs 39 psi on the Precision 6262 and 2200cc injectors. 15 percent corrected. I will be further tuning this car so stay tuned. 679 WHP was our best this day.

A Factory 5 roadster shows off what a little 5.3 Liter LQ motor with a big cam can achieve using E85. We installed a Walbro 255 LPH pump and the Injector Dynamics EV14 100 LB injectors to run E85. I usually don't see these types of gains from normally aspirated motors on E85, but the cam and headers must be knock limited on 91. I had a best and final pull of over 360 WHP after this video. This car is a blast to drive.

Running the Autronic ECU and Injector Dynamics 2200cc injectors on E85. 15 percent correction factor as usual.

15 percent correction factor at 5000 feet above sea level. This turbo really shows the limits of an unsleeved block in a Subaru. Best pull was 26 psi and 470 WHP.

Dynoing a Procharged Challenger to the tune of Clutch's Spacegrass, a song about supercharging, Mopar, and drag racing in outer space!

BMW 135i 253HP

Justin's GTO is recalibrated using HP Tuners software. Using a 1.34 correction factor at 5000 feet above sea level we rose from 338 WHP to 380 WHP. Relevant mods are Lingenfelter Cams and an Intake.

Here is a car that was built over the last month on a budget. It uses a 2.5/2.0 hybrid block, CP pistons, FP HTA 68 turbo, ID1000cc injectors, opensource tuned, and BC cams and valvetrain.

Here is a build for Carlos in New Mexico. Troy comes through as usual with the sweet engine build. It features forged internals, a 2.5 L block, built 2.0 heads, a FP Red at only 22 psi. We decided to leave a nice safe tune in the car but the turbo wants more! E85 and 15 percent correction at 5000 feet above sea level.

Great Subaru I've been tuning for years. It made 207, which is the lowest I have seen, when stock. Now it has a sleeved Cosworth longblock, GT35R, 2270cc injectors, AEM EMS, and runs 24 psi on E85, and makes 520WHP. I used 15 percent correction factor up here at 5000 feet above sea level.

A cool Westfalia using very custom parts including airlocker diffs and a DBW Subaru 2.5L engine. Just over 120WHP using SAE correction of about 1.26 at 5000 feet. The higher correction factor than my norm is due to a lack of Boost, hence a bigger differential in calculated sea level power.

A very nice build. This consists of a Full Race GT40R twin scroll turbo kit, Kelford valvetrain, forged internals, Injector Dynamics 2290cc injectors, AEM standalone, and some very clean fabrication. The car ended up with 560 WHP, 15 percent correction factor at 5000 feet above sea level.

A pretty mild TD05-18G with FMIC STi wakes right up with some E85 and fairly light boost.

This badass full STi Swap features forged internals, ported and polished built heads, my own old Garrett GT3076 .82 turbo, ID1000cc injectors, AEM standalone ECU for STi models, JDM Aluminum hood, Scotty's Pipes, JDM V6 seats?, and much more. Targetting .83 lambda and 20psig. Ethanol powered. Final numbers were 415 WHP for a nice safe 2800 lbs. daily driver. 15 percent correction factor was used on this car at 5000 feet above sea level. I use this factor as it is approximately half of SAE.

Just a little joke because of the neons. I am simply making my good friend Billy a transit map for 91 octane in times of need. He runs E85 and we regularly see 301 WHP with the same everything and added boost.

This was a pull mid way through the tune. I think we ended up with about 520 WHP. The car is gorgeous. 451 WHP at 15 percent CF at 5000 feet ASL.

Bone stock GT-R. This one averages about 8 whp higher than others I have tested which are stock. Using a 15 percent correction factor at 5000 feet of altitude it achieved 449 WHP best and 432 WHP worst of 4 pulls. Dyno Dynamics.

Helping the next generation of professional car geeks. Car made 68 WHP on a multi gear pull. Testing the Megasquirt set up as Alpha-N. Yamaha 600cc

The Coyote is a Pike's Peak Hillclimb car using an old Ford Taurus SHO engine. The oil filter spun off and shot across the room at 8000 rpms. Because of quick shutdown, the motor was unhurt. The dyno floor took over 3 days to properly clean. There is a new mop and bucket clause in the Dyno Waiver.

Getting ready for the Temple Canyon Hillclimb. I tuned the car with no restrictor, 2.5l, 104 octane, and autronic. Ran great and made 360whp on my dynodynamics with 1.15cf at 5000 ft asl.

JoeH's car from ASF Machine in junction. FP Green, e85, 2.5l, 850cc. 1.15CF on dynodynamics.

The Frankenporsche is back. Had to stop @ 19 psi due to spark blowout. Now on e85. 15 percent correction at 5000 feet altitude. 572 whp.

My first GT-R tune. Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors and Cobb Protuning By TheBoostCreepLTD. Car baselined @ 450 WHP/450WTQ bone stock on 91 octane pump fuel with a 15 percent altitude correction @ 5000 feet. This is not a final tune, but simply a session to get the injectors scaled and running right. I will post updated video in the future. Final Numbers were 509 WHP/ 524 WTQ.

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S2000 dyno pull
Ventilation system

Dyno setup time-lapse

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